Our Approcah

Welcome to the Maximum Value Partners (“MVP”) web site, home to the best business coaches. We've trained, mentored and inspired many small businesses to new heights of success. While we call Cleveland, Ohio our home, we work with clients all over the United States through our virtual coaching. We’re glad you found your way here. Chances are you’re here for one of four reasons: i) you met one of us out and about somewhere, ii) we have someone in common who told you to check us out, iii) you’ve been searching on the web for some help with your small business, or iv) you heard us on the radio or saw us in the newspaper.

If you own your own business, chances are you are currently stuck in a “state of HOW.” HOW do I:

  • get all of these ideas out of my head and into my business?
  • make more profit (or simply make a profit at all)?
  • pay all my bills?
  • present my company to the bank?
  • collect all the money that is owed to me?
  • find and keep good people?
  • increase my sales?
  • get my people more involved?
  • price my product or service?
  • understand and actually use my financial statements?
  • get my son/daughter to take the reins and run the company?
  • sell my company or buy another company?
  • patch up the relationship with my partner so our business doesn’t suffer?
  • get rid of my brother-in-law?

The list goes on and on. Through our business coaching, we help owners get unstuck from that “state of HOW” one question at a time.

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